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Thursday, August 29, 2024 at 5:00 PM - 8:15 PM UTC
Tina Jenkins, Psy.D.

When we joined the ranks of helping professionals, one of the last things that probably crossed our minds was what, if any, risk we would face in our careers. Would our forensic patient who had killed their parents ever corner us in a room and try to assault us? Would our inpatient teenager ever cyber-stalk us online? Would our outpatient client ever try to kill us in our office? Daunting questions to think about; however, these are the very questions that we should be addressing while also helping our client population in need. This course looks back over the past decades to review where mental health treatment has come and what about those shifts may contribute to our vulnerability in our professions; it helps identify the vulnerabilities we should be addressing; and it offers suggestions of actions we can take to protect our work, our clients, our livelihood, and our lives. In addition to receiving the training and education we need to make us the best helping professionals we can be, we also need training such as this to help protect ourselves from any harm that could come in the course of our work.

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We are pleased to introduce StratPsych®, an online learning platform for psychotherapists that will consolidate your online training by providing you with the building blocks of psychotherapeutics and teach you how to effectively use them. StratPsych® provides subscribers the essential knowledge domains of psychotherapeutics to make learning engaging and useful for your practice, and for your continuing development as a psychotherapist. StratPsych® combines science, technology, and expertise so you can access the knowledge, resources and skills you need to be a more effective psychotherapist.


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Our mission is to provide out subscribers the essential knowledge domains of psychotherapeutics.  Our modules are curated and distilled to make learning engaging and useful for your practice and continuing development as a psychotherapist.


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Please enjoy our brief introduction to StratPsych®, an online learning platform, that was designed and launched by psychotherapists offering distilled and curated information to make us better psychotherapists.


Your StratPsych® subscription includes 24/7 access to your individualized learning center designed to meet your professional needs. Our experts have spent years curating and distilling the essentials you need to know, delivering an engaging, comprehensive learning experience with seamless access to related TZK webinars for further training and continuing education.


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