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In this program I will teach clinicians about the foundations of Cognitive behavioral therapy for alcohol use disorder. I will then teach how these principles are applied to session by following an established (and publicly available) CBT manual for alcohol use disorder. I will review the treatment goals and techniques required to implement the CBT protocol with the highest fidelity. I will discuss each of the seven core sessions (including handouts) in the CBT program:

Session 1: Introduction to Coping Skills Training
Session 2: Coping with Cravings & Urges to Drink
Session 3: Managing Thoughts About Alcohol & Drinking
Session 4: Problem Solving
Session 5: Drink Refusal Skills
Session 6: Planning for Emergencies & Coping With a Lapse
Session 7: Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions

I will then review the optional sessions and I will conclude by reviewing a host of free resources for evidence-based practices in addiction, primarily those offered by the National Institutes of Health. I will conduct this seminar by combining lecturing, question & answer periods, videos, and polling tools to engage the audience.

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