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My experience with TZK has been a good one, offering good quality workshops at a very reasonable rate. You have made the impossible possible.
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I really enjoy the seminars. Being able to be in the comfort of my own home and get all of my credits is amazing. I am recommending TZKseminars to everyone.
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I have attended many live CE presentations at both APA and state conventions and TZK is by far the most innovative, informative, and easiest way to obtain quality CE's.
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TZKseminars has better speakers than PESI and better prices than PESI. They are the best continuing education company. Now, I'm getting all of my CE's with TZK.
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The format of being able to ask questions as you are addressing an issue and getting an answer while I'm thinking about the issue (as opposed to live seminars where one has to wait in line to get a question answered at a break or competing with others raising their hands) was very effective. I found the presentation interesting, engaging, and informative.
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## State Continuing Education Requirements for Psychologists, Social Work, Counselors and Nursing This chart shows the different states and the continuing education requirements for that state for each discipline. Where noted, webinars provided by TZK Seminars are accepted in this jurisdiction.
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We offer online live webinar experiences that qualify as in-person continuing education in most states.  We all have to get continuing education. And, unfortunately, it takes time and costs money. But, I've always taken my continuing education seriously. I've become a better clinician by learning from experts in the field. As the former Director of an APA-accredited internship, I also saw the value that contact with expert clinicians has on the professional development of others.  But, several years ago, I got tired of: 

Attending seminars where the speaker didn't know any more than I did about the subject matter. 

Paying $219 for an all day training. 

Having to travel to get CE. 

Sitting in a hotel conference center in uncomfortable chairs, drinking bad coffee. 

Having to register a month in advance for a talk. 

So, I started TZKseminars. We bring you: 

Real Experts-people who have devoted their careers to the topic on which they present. 

Webinar Technology-it dramatically reduces costs while maintaining the capacity to interact with the speakers and really learn. 

Lower Costs-6 CE's for $99, 3 CE's for $69, and 1.5 CE's for $49. 

Both Live and Recorded Webinars you watch in your own time. 

Comfort-no travel. Stay home and sit in your favorite chair, drinking your favorite beverage. 

Convenience-you can register the day of the webinar. Get your certificate right away or whenever it's convenient. I hope you enjoy our live and recorded webinars.  

Keith Hannan, Ph.D  CEO, TZKseminars

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