Lillian Gibson, Ph.D.

Dr. Lillian Gibson is a licensed clinical psychologist often referred to as a “mood make-over” expert. For the past decade she has guided clients away from feeling overwhelmed, hurt, confused, frustrated, and sad into a life of peace and happiness. She enjoys helping her patients solve their problems through individual, group, or couples therapy for emotional healing and restoration.

Dr. Gibson has completed specialized training to effectively treat anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, insomnia, and mood disorders that often accompany chronic medical conditions. Her career focuses also include approaches that address workplace conflict, self-esteem issues, cultural diversity issues, corporate America stressors, caregiver stress, overcoming perfectionistic thinking, and relationship problems.

One of her many passions is to enhance the love lives of couples desiring fulfilling marriages. She enjoys teaching soulmates creative ways to increase marital intimacy, and divorce proof their unions by being proactive instead of reactive. As mentioned in her book “Miss to Mrs.,”she has found that newlyweds experience less conflict when spousal roles are adequately identified. Couples working with her learn unique communication styles to overcome their marriage struggles.

Dr. Gibson is often found providing motivational seminars in the community, at local churches, businesses, and social organizations to help others “live to their maximum potential.” She has studied national and international factors that inspire personal change in places such as Johannesburg, South Africa, Senegal, West Africa, and at Johns Hopkins University.

Within the past decade she has provided psychological services to former service members of the United States Armed Forces in outpatient medical centers. In addition to her clinical duties as a staff psychologist, she serves as a consultant to other licensed clinicians, and supervises psychology and medical residents on “gold star” evidenced based psychotherapy treatments.

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“Dr. Gibson is very knowledgeable and experienced on this topic. She also has a very pleasant, engaging method of teaching. Excellent session!”-Jeffrey T., Social Worker, New York

During a time of unprecedented crisis in the face of a global pandemic, many individuals across the globe are unfortunately impacted by another stressor detrimental to their health: racial trauma. Those who experience racial trauma have feelings of distress that lead them to seek counseling for symptom relief. Psychotherapists are charged with creating safe spaces to help clients heal from such dreadful life occurrences through the use of therapy services. 

The current webinar led by Dr. Lillian Gibson will provide mental health professionals with a practical framework to assess and treat racial trauma. The importance of recognizing both the likenesses and dissimilarities of clients’ and clinicians’ worldviews within the context of treatment will be explained. Participants will learn how to apply culturally-specific approaches when exploring trauma experiences and implement client-centered interventions. 

The on-line training will use a case vignette to guide the presentation and uncover mistakes that can be made when cultural considerations are not utilized. 

Participants will leave the webinar with a clear understanding of racial trauma, an awareness of racial trauma assessment options, the biopsychosocial impacts of trauma, symptom tracking measures, clinical pitfalls to avoid, steps to strengthen a therapeutic alliance, and a list of treatments that may be useful to decrease the effects of racial trauma (when appropriately applied).

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