Heather M. Hartman-Hall, Ph. D.

Dr. Heather Hartman-Hall, a licensed psychologist, earned her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology from American University in 2000. She has provided crisis counseling, individual/group psychotherapy, consultation and assessment for adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including a state psychiatric hospital, a juvenile facility, elder care facilities, primary care, and private practice. For more than a decade, she conducted individual and group psychotherapy with psychiatric inpatients presenting with difficulties including severe mental illness, substance abuse, cognitive impairment, significant trauma histories, dissociative symptoms, and self-harming behaviors. She has provided training, supervision, consultation, and program development on topics including assessment, self-injury, psychological trauma, and working with older adults.  She has extensive experience in psychological assessment, including assessment for cognitive impairment and the effects of psychological trauma. Dr. Hartman-Hall has served as the Director of Training, a clinical supervisor, and a regular seminar presenter for an APA-accredited clinical psychology pre-doctoral internship. She currently provides assessment, intervention, and consultation in a primary care setting and is a faculty member of an internal medicine residency program.

Contact Dr. Hartman-Hall directly at [email protected] if you would like to consult with her.

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“The presenter was excellent. Her expertise was evident and she used great illustrative examples. It was a comfortable learning experience.”-Vicki W., Social Worker, Maryland

As people are living longer worldwide, clinicians will increasingly need the skills and knowledge to work with older adults. Professional guidelines indicate that specific competencies are needed to work effectively with older clients, yet many clinicians surveyed say they have not had sufficient training and experience to work with this client population.  This webinar is designed to familiarize participants with information and useful strategies from the scientific literature and clinical experience to allow you to work competently and successfully with older adults. The webinar will cover normal aging as well as health and cognitive concerns in older adults. Adjustments to assessment and intervention strategies to meet the needs of older adults will be discussed. Awareness of ageism and cultural factors will also be covered.

session: 8461

“Great presenter style, held my interest, provided a ton of interesting, useful information. Learned simple structures to organize treatment of complex trauma that will be so useful!”-Lisa G., Social Worker, Maryland

In this seminar, Dr. Hartman-Hall reviews empirically validated treatments for PTSD and trauma symptoms.  Practical strategies are presented for managing clinical challenges including self-injury, dissociation, and difficulties in interpersonal functioning. Ideas for addressing sleep disturbance and chronic pain will be discussed. Avoiding clinician burn-out and managing vicarious traumatization is also a focus. This seminar provides tools developed from clinical experience and the research literature that you can start using right away to help your clients who are struggling with trauma symptoms.

session: 8647

“Instructor was knowledgeable, easy to relate to and made the content interesting and easy to follow along with. Great reflective exercises!”-LisaA., Social Worker, New York

We all know that professional burnout is a problem, but what do we do about it? In this interactive seminar, Dr. Hartman-Hall provides information from the research literature and her clinical experience about the causes and consequences of clinician burnout. Recognizing that wellness is not a “one size fits all” concept, we will explore a variety of approaches for considering clinicians’ risk factors for occupational stress, improving our own self-care, and adjusting our approach to our work. Brief exercises to practice relaxation, mindfulness, and self-awareness will be utilized throughout the talk to provide participants the opportunity to practice concepts being discussed.

session: 7196