Jonathan Haber, Psy.D.

Jonathan C. Haber received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University.  He completed an internship in inpatient medical psychology at Eastern Virginia Medical School and is a licensed clinical psychologist.  Dr. Haber holds a particular interest in medical psychology and he practices rehabilitation psychology at Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, a 50-bed inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital.  Through behavioral and cognitive interventions, psychoeducation and skill building, he specializes in working with patients with physical disabilities and those recovering from medical treatment, traumatic brain injury and chronic illness.  Dr. Haber incorporates a person centered and family oriented approach to psychological practice that aims to empower medically compromised patients. 

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Stroke is a major cause of death and disability in the U.S.  As mental health providers, we will likely treat patients who have either experienced a stroke or are impacted by the effects of stroke on a member of their family, which are often sudden and debilitating.  Though stroke is prevalent, little education is provided to mental health providers concerning the events, treatment, and psychological needs of patients during physical rehabilitation and after treatment.  This webinar is intended to provide a thorough overview of the stroke patient’s experience and review important clinical considerations for treating patient who have been affected by stroke. 

This webinar is divided into three sections.  The first section is an overview of the patient’s experience throughout their course of hospitalization as well as biological and historical information about stroke and stroke treatment.  The second section focuses on important topics related to the mental health of stroke patients (i.e., Post-Stroke Depression).  The third section addresses adjustment difficulties and treatment considerations for patient who have had strokes.

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