Jason Drwal, Ph.D.

Jason Drwal, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a staff member of the Iowa City VA Hospital. He has helped hundreds of patients who suffer from panic disorder and PTSD using mindfulness. He is a member of the hospital’s APA accredited internship program and he offers numerous trainings on everything from evidence-based therapies for PTSD to smoking cessation. Outside of his role as a therapist, he is a freelancer who has written for local and national publications on mental health issues and he runs the therapist blog www. privatepracticecentral.com.

Contact Dr. Drwal directly at [email protected] if you would like to consult with him.

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“This was the best seminar I've seen on TZK so far. The presenter was engaging, spoke at a nice cadence (not to fast or slow). Extremely knowledgeable with clear strategies to use with clients.”-Justine M., Psychologist, Idaho

Over 28% of adults will have a panic attack in their lifetime. Many will experience repeated attacks, which can lead to struggles to hold down a job, maintain friendships, or even carry out basic chores, like shopping for groceries. When we think of panic, we often think of panic disorder. However, individuals with PTSD, depression, social anxiety, substance use disorder, generalized anxiety, and specific phobias frequently grapple with both episodic and chronic panic attacks.

This training will delve into the problems of panic. What is it and why is it so important to treat? Then we’ll explore anxiety sensitivity theory, a compelling explanation for why some people develop panic attacks. Next, using the ironic process theory (Wegner, 1997), we’ll learn how attempts to suppress panic symptoms actually cause the very thing panic sufferers are desperately trying to avoid. We will then turn to understanding how mindfulness can break panic’s vicious cycle. After we study the fundamental elements of mindfulness and their connection to panic, we will delve into helping patients use mindfulness to ameliorate panic and start living life again.

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