Unified Psychotherapy: A New Framework for Clinical Practice (3 CEs)

Unified Psychotherapy: A New Framework for Clinical Practice (3 CEs)
Friday, June 9, 2023 at 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM UTC
Jeff Harris, Ph.D.
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Most psychotherapists would like to draw from different theoretical sources in order to serve the individual needs of each client. However, this is a difficult goal to accomplish without training and structure. Unified Psychotherapy (UP) is a comprehensive approach to integration that enhances a therapist’s capacity to draw from diverse approaches by providing a holistic framework. This structure can be used to guide both conceptualization and intervention. 

This seminar will introduce a three-tiered model of psychological functioning that distinguishes between immediate psychological functioning, external influences, and internal influences. (A) Psychological functioning focuses on the dynamic interaction between (1) cognition, (2) emotion, and (3) behavior. (B) External influences include (4) development across life experiences, (5) interpersonal patterns, (6) families and other microsystems, as well as (7) sociocultural macrosystems. (C) Internal influences include (8) intrapsychic processes and (9) biological health. 

This seminar will include a video demonstration of a multidimensional survey of cognition, emotion, and behavior. This survey is the foundation for the process of unified treatment planning which will be elaborated upon in a later seminar (TUP 1-6). This seminar will encourage active learning by including activities and worksheets related to reflection and application. This is the first webinar in Level One of Training in Unified Psychotherapy (TUP), focusing on working interactively with cognition, emotion, and behavior.

While you can certainly take this seminar alone, this webinar is part of a six series on Unified PsychotherapyStrategic Psychotherapeutics is offering a certificate in Unified Psychotherapy for those that attend each of the six webinars.  Optional discussion groups are offered after each webinar to encourage application.  Go to the Strategic Psychotherapeutics website to see the schedule for the discussion groups and more details about how to earn your certificate in Unified Psychotherapy. 

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