DBT Informed Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (4 CEs)

DBT Informed Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (4 CEs)
Monday, December 9, 2024 at 3:00 PM - 7:15 PM UTC
Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, RSW
Bipolar Disorder (BD) is a serious mental health problem that typically creates chaos in an individual’s life, often leading to risky and impulsive behaviors, damaged relation­ship and careers, substance use problems, hospitalization, and even suicide. Based on Sheri Van Dijk’s ground-breaking work on using DBT with Bipolar Disorder, this webinar will briefly review the different types of bipolar disorder and what to look for to help someone get a proper diagnosis and treatment. You’ll also learn about the existing psy­cho-therapies being used to treat bipolar disorder, before looking at the efficacy of Dialectical Behavior Therapy in treating this illness, and a delving more into how to teach some of the DBT skills most pertinent to clients with BD.
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