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White Privilege and White Therapists: Treatment Considerations Surrounding Racial Traumas among Clients of Color Home Study (3 CEs)

Multicultural guidelines and ethical standards dictate that White therapists examine their own racial identity, privilege, and fragility to better serve clients of color. Dr. Fatter will review current trends in multicultural competency and discuss the clinical cost of the therapist being ‘colorblind’. This webinar will specifically focus on aspects of White culture, White privilege, White fragility, and Helms White racial identity model to help therapists self-assess their own White racial identity. In addition, Menakem’s H-I-P-P theory of how historical trauma is somatically held in the body will be presented to better understand the typical nervous system response in a White body and ways White therapists can work with their own somatic countertransference reactions when working with clients of color. Dr. Fatter will describe ways White privilege and White fragility can show up in a therapy session as well as provide examples of specific types of microaggressions that can damage the therapeutic relationship when working with clients of color. Dr. Fatter will also discuss practical ways to bring up racial identity with clients of color and how to do a therapeutic repair when a relational rupture has occurred. Ethical considerations when working with White clients who express racist views will be also addressed.

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